Friday, 2 October 2009

Road Tests

You all know I've been doing kid's book reviews for Webchild. Well now I'm doing cookbooks too. Some very interesting things have been turning up in the tractor letterbox. I decided with the kids cookbooks that I would convince friends to let me use their children as guinea pigs (in the nicest possible way) to road test the recipes. I received a lovely book called Little Kitchen and decided to test it out at friday playgroup (if I was allowed) and I was.
It was very funny as the kids jostled each other to get control of the bowl and then squidged all the ingredients together. Lots of great photo opportunities. We ended up making monster sausage rolls (we forgot to cut them) and they were actually very tasty. The recipe got a tick of approval but we may have to try more just to make sure. Maybe the anzac biscuits or the gingerbread...

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