Friday, 2 October 2009


I have a bit of a thing about good bread. Let's call it an obsession. I'd heard about the legendary Silo bakery in Canberra but had never been able to find it. For our first morning Soph and I decided to have brekkie there and as it is very popular thought we should go early. Not 7 am when it opens but not long after.
We walked there from our apartment and got there about eight and it was packed. We managed to squeeze our way between the masses and sat in a skinny little corridor at a skinny little bench out near the kitchen. Did we care? Not a bit. Perched atop our stools we could eye off all the fresh baked goodies just begging us to take them home. The waitress (who was really very nice in spite of how busy it was) appeared suddenly to take our orders. I panicked and ordered the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and Soph got poached eggs with chili jam and they were both delicious. On the way out we stopped to buy tarts (I got the passion fruit and marscapone and Soph got the orange brulee). I thought about getting my bread and croissants to take home with me, then decided I could get them the next day when we made a return visit, which we were definitely going to do. Then we strolled around the corner to the Essential Ingredient to look at books on baking bread.

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