Sunday, 18 October 2009

New wheels!

Even though certain people think we live high on the hog with our seared salmon or our lamb backstraps we actually lead a pretty simple life. We don't want to end up with a bratzilla so we joined the library and the toy library and encourage Jack not to be grabby (though when it comes to chocolate...).Last Saturday as we were driving into Coolamon to go to the library and Ajanta cafe we noticed a garage sale, and then another one. It turned out that the GIANT COOLAMON GARAGE SALE was on and we were in luck. As we drove past a house we noticed some bikes for sale, including a small one that would be perfect for you know who. We stopped the car and went to investigate.
The bike was an amazing $5 and Jack couldn't wait to get home and try it (though saying that he still had time for cake). We bought trainer wheels yesterday, but in the meantime we took turns pushing it and he loved it yelling out, "Again! again!"

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