Saturday, 3 October 2009


After our quick tour of the gallery we paused long enough to find out who won the grand final (Geelong) and then got ready for dinner. It was absolutely pouring, but as we were staying only 5 minutes away and parking in Manuka on a Saturday night is a nightmare we armed ourselves with Soph's enormous technicolour umbrella and trudged to our dinner destination.
We had (well, me) decided to have dinner at Meccabah in Manuka. I long for good middle eastern food which is just not readily available here and while I have made things like hummus, tabbouleh, felafel and Turkish pizza, it's not the same as sitting comfortably with a glass of wine and someone else doing all the work. We ate a delicious meal with sweet potato felafels, mezze of dips and bread, boureks, cheese wrapped in kataifi pastry and a Turkish pizza with haloumi and the most luscious roasted tomatoes.
Our waitress was very funny and amazed when Soph chose the wine with the aid of her iphone (I was too). We finished with dessert and then Soph and I retired to watch a very cheesy movie.

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