Saturday, 3 October 2009

Road Test #2 great cookers

On Thursday Amy and her gorgeous daughter Bethany took time out from their busy schedule to come and visit us. Knowing they were keen cooks or as Bethany would say 'cookers' I asked if they'd like to help test another recipe from Sabrina Parrini's Little Kitchen.
After some discussion over tea and pinwheel scones we decided to make gingerbread. I liked the idea of testing it because it differs lightly from other recipes with ingredients like cardamon and orange and lemon zest. The ones in Sabrina's book were in the shape of snowflakes dusted with icing sugar but we decided to go with rabbits, ducks, butterflies and bears.
Bethany had great fun with the flour sifter while Jack just tried to introduce a steam engine into the proceedings at different times. The recipe seemed quite easy, in spite of my being a tad vague, and Bethany assured us that the dough was very tasty. She (and Jack) checked several times just to make sure. We couldn't wait so we immediately rolled out some of the dough and cut it into shapes, while the remainder rested in the fridge.
They turned out really well and were tasty, with the lemon and orange giving the gingerbread a nice flavour and cutting some, but not all of the sweetness. Now when Jack is 'making a cake' and I ask him what the ingredients are he says, "butter, sugar, flour, eggs, ginger..." That's my boy.
Thanks to Amy and Bethany for visiting and helping us out. Enjoy your holidays.

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