Saturday, 3 October 2009

forecast: rain, sleet and small hail

That was the lovely spring weather that we encountered on our last day in Canberra. There's an iciness to the wind that just cuts through you. Soph and I got up extra early to have our encore breakfast at Silo. We had excitedly talked about what we were going to eat and I was calculating just how many pain au chocolats and croissants I would be purchasing and then we got to Kingston and Silo was shut. I know that bakers need a day off (especially ones as clever as these) but Sunday? And I think this is why I had never found it, because S and I always seemed to turn up in Kingston on a Sunday. We vainly searched for other options at 7am in Kingston and Manuka, but the best we could do was muesli, fruit and bread from (sigh) a supermarket that we took back to our apartment. At least we were warm, if disappointed. I was certainly glad we hadn't put off breakfast till Sunday.
After packing and checking out we went to the Kingston Bus Markets. We purchased some food then had a quick look at the Canberra Glassworks next door while we waited for Karen.
There's something about glass blowing that I find fascinating. I could (and have) watch it for hours. Soph and I watched some people make some paperweights

and then returned to the markets. I purchased bagels, bread, strawberries, tomatoes, tea, chocolate and some very good Ethiopian food for our dinner. I spoke to S and he reminded me to buy dinner and I assured him I already had. Soph stocked up on very good honey and more strawberries and set off for Sydney. I dallied a bit longer looking at the craft section and then I too bid Karen and Canberra farewell. No sleet, but very cold and I was glad to hop in my car and listen to Phryne Fisher on audio all the way home.

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