Friday, 2 October 2009


Last weekend I had a girl's weekend in sunny Canberra. Not the nudge, nudge, wink, wink, see you in Fyshwick kind, more eating good food, chatting and eating some more. Soph came down from Sydney, I drove up and Karen, conveniently, lives there.
On the Friday night we went to the Floriade nightfest

because there was flowers (hard to see in the dark),

music and markets (and we all know I love a market). The night nearly ended prematurely when I walked into a branch but the branch was small and my head is thick so we proceeded (me with slightly more care). We had a look around and decided to find the lotus lounge to enjoy some relaxing music and tapas (they used that term quite loosely). We managed to snaffle a table (go Soph) and sat down to enjoy some vino and a catch up. The music was quite good too. Afterwards we strolled back towards the markets where the girls picked up some boiled lollies (handmade in Bungendore) and I was tempted by some honey doughnuts but decided to track down the gozleme stall I had seen on the way in.
We did locate the stall eventually (after me saying, I think they are just over wait over, that's not right..over here) but they weren't the real deal and while still quite yummy, meant that we missed the beginning of Josh Thomas' comedy thing. He's that funny little gen Y dude, with the crazy hair who apparently can cook. We tried to watch some of his show as we ate our Gozleme, but it started to rain and we decided that we'd had enough. It made me realise two things, my night photography skills are sadly lacking and maybe sometimes I need to give up on a food fixations. Though I was looking forward to the silo bakery the next day.

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