Friday, 2 October 2009

going around in circles

After our delicious breakfast Soph and I walked around Kingston and Manuka having a look at the shops. Funnily enough we spent most of our time looking at food, books or books about food. We met up with Karen and after a look at some chichi but very overpriced baby shops, had some thai food for lunch. Very exciting for someone who is used to a choice of Chinese or Australian meals.
After lunch Karen disappeared to watch the footy (it was grand final day) and Soph and I decided to visit the War Memorial or maybe the Art Gallery. After my last trip to Canberra I was feeling confident about navigating but Soph was a bit more circumspect so we agreed to let English Jane (her dad's satnav) give us directions and I would supplement her advice. We worked pretty well as a team and I was glad she was there when I temporarily got lost (who moved the Hyatt?).
Whenever we got to Canberra, S always wants to visit the War Memorial and I usually fob him off by saying we'll go after the gallery and then we never do. I felt mean going without him, but then we only had a quick look (it really is a striking looking building) before we dashed off to the gallery to see the McCubbin exhibition. Love that Gallery, it always seems so peaceful. Must be all that concrete.

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