Saturday, 2 August 2008

Scarlett and Jack

The day we arrived home was my sister in law Louise's birthday so we all had lunch on the Saturday. Apparently while Jack had been away his cousin Scarlett had mentioned his name a lot and whiled away many an hour watching him on Youtube. I was interested what she would do when confronted with the real thing.
And really she didn't seem too fussed. He tried to hug her and she said, "" in a very determined manner. Later he tried to kiss her and she turned away so he pretended that he wasn't puckering up at all (be cool little Jack).
We had a nice lunch in the courtyard (though Jack and Scarlett both didn't seem keen on their sausages - must be lacking some Nelson genes there) and finished with a lovely chocolate tart from Gamin de Paris, which is a fantastic patisserie/cafe in Mosman. Jack and Scarlett had fun playing in the courtyard and I think Chelsea started writing her prize winning novel. The last time I saw her she mentioned she was going to be a writer but this time she said she might be a beautician, though she'd only do facials, no waxing. This sounds very wise to me.

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