Saturday, 2 August 2008

And so to sydney....

The next morning, after not one but two wake up calls, we made our way to Changi airport (possibly the nicest airport in the world). Unfortunately we didn't have time to use the free cinema, massage service or many other things it has to offer. I did however have some rather yummy veggie dumplings for breakfast and I bought Jack a pain au chocolat though I could tell it wasn't going to be too authentic.
We were seated a bit further back on the plane this time but still got to sit at the front of the section so you don't have the problem of someone reclining their seat into your lap. We did have Jack though, but he was pretty good. He slept for four hours (meaning that I could watch Kung Fu Panda) and then I held him while S watched Kung Fu Panda. There was a couple next to us who were groovy in an understated way and I was thinking that they were maybe from Newtown, but it turned out that they were from Bondi and they had a little girl called Scarlett (Also the name of one of my nieces). She was pretty cute and well behaved and for awhile she and Jack shared the DVD player and we all got to watch the wiggles. She also shared some of her biscuits with Jack so it was a win win situation and Jack didn't flirt outrageously with Scarlett's mum, also a plus.
The flight from Singapore is 'only' seven hours and didn't seem too bad (but then I didn't have to hold Jack while he slept for four of those hours). Everything went pretty well except for some turbulence while Jack and I were in the loo. Actually I thought the plane was about to land at any moment judging by the tilt of the loo. I broke the record for fastest nappy change ever.
Relieved we landed and everyone immediately jumped to their feet and switched on their phones (even though they're not supposed to). Then we waited and waited and waited. There was an announcement about a sick passenger and how the crew were waiting for quarantine officials to arrive. You could hear the words 'bird' and 'flu' being whispered up and down the plane. Then we were allowed off with a very nice Singapore Airlines lady carrying one of our many bags, and down to immigration. By this stage Jack obviously knew the drill because he stood in his pram so the immigration lady could see him.
At the baggage carousels something strange was going on. Customs officials were talking to every person asking if they had anything to declare. Having been to a rural area and being honest folk we said yes. Unfortunately there was also a plane load of Czech tourist with suitcases full of cheese (I'm not making this up) also queueing with us. Finally, after flashing the soles of our one remaining pair of shoes at the customs man we wheeled our bags out into the hall and found a man with a sign saying KRISTY AND S.... and after a few last minute preparations (securing a baby seat) we were Mosman bound.

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