Tuesday, 5 August 2008

News from the Manor...

I got an email from the lovely Rebeca. She is about to move out of the Manor which must be so exciting but will have this recent wedding as a parting memory...
Today at The Manor, we have not only potatoes but also a wedding!!!. They have welcome the guests with the Star Wars sound track, for a while I thought that Dark Varder would appear at the Manor. At this moment many of the guests are totally drunk, dancing and singing bellow my window. Anyway it is nice, it gives joy.

I certainly hope the guests were using the force or at the very least a lightsaber when they were eating their meals. Note: these photos are not from the wedding at the Manor but it's amazing what comes up when you google 'star wars wedding photos' (981,000 results!). And if you have some spare time and want a giggle check out these pics on flicker. Hilarious.

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