Monday, 4 August 2008

fabric frenzy....

Before we left to go overseas I was a craft mama. It started with knitting S a jumper and quickly spiralled out of control and now includes sewing as well (thanks to a sewing machine from my parents). Simple stuff: bags, toys and the like. As my sewing and knitting have continued my stash has grown considerably. It is currently being housed in three big plastic tubs with a few sneaky little stashettes here and there.
Why all the fabric (and wool)? The first reason is that sometimes something is just too pretty to resist and the other reason is that I am about to embark on a crafting frenzy so that I can sell some goodies at the Market Day @ the Arts Centre in Cootamundra in November
My mum has been generously contributing to my stash (she's my enabler) while I was away, so when I returned I had a veritable trevor trove of fabric to admire. There's some lovely fabric this one matches my blog from the wonderful Amitie ( which is a fantastic shop in Victoria run by very helpful ladies and another reason why I like them so much is that Jack was on their blog once
I was chuffed.
And some great novelty prints like these monkeys and lions, and also some fabric (by Amy Butler) from the shop called Picklemouse ( that used to be downstairs under her office. It's such a shame they closed but they still have a shop in the blue mountains.And she got this great fabric from a textile artiste extraordinaire called Saffron Craig ( Love the owls.So as you can see I'm thoroughly spoilt and already thinking up ways to use the fabric. Can I bear to part with the owls?
When I got home there were some samples from a shop in Wagga called Simply Stitches ( including this one which I thought was very funny.In a couple of weeks Mum and I will be going to the craft fair at Rosehill which I'm really looking forward to. Better buy another tub or get sewing so I can make room.
I went to the Craft fair in Wagga on the weekend but it was really a load of tatt. Or should I say not my thing. Sigh. S asked if it was as bad as last year and I said it was worse. I did manage to find this fat quarter of Katie Jump Rope fabrics amidst the chintz. They even had a quilt made from it which looked sensational but was being kept under the counter. Sigh.

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