Saturday, 23 August 2008

in stitches

The reason for my visit, besides retail therapy and going to musicals, was to go to the craft fair on at Rosehill Racecourse. I wanted to stock up on fabrics for the fair in November in Coota ( .
Mum selflessly volunteered to go with me on my mission and Dad stayed behind to gather his energy for that night (dinner and the movies!). We found our way to Rosehill Racecourse on a beautiful Sydney day and prepared to go crazy. As we approached the pavilions we had a choice to go left or right and luckily we chose right. Would you believe the first stall we saw was the Picklemouse one ( where we got lots of advice and loads of gorgeous fabric from Pam and Alicia. I could see the other people were looking at us as if to say why are they so special? I took a photo but then got in trouble from security in case I was stealing someone's quilting ideas (yes, I've always wanted to make a Donald Bradman quilt). We then had a look at the rest of the exhibitors in that area but there were only a few really good ones. Let's just say there was quite alot of stuff that wasn't really my thing (freaky dolls and bears and bags that has been appliqued, froufou and tizzed to the max - eeek!) Luckily though what floats my boat doesn't necessarily do so for others and lots of ladies seemed to be having a great time.
We had a look at the other pavilion which had a strange aroma (I thought someone had been burning incense but apparently there was a pyromaniac on the loose). There were some things of interest (I got some great Amy Butler patterns and a couple of jelly rolls) and mum and I got to give our hands a bit of exfoliation and moisturising though the pregnant bogan woman didn't and she was cranky.
Having assumed that we would need the whole day to see the craft fair we were pleased that it was still quite early. I suggested ducking upstairs where the classes were being held just in case and I'm glad we did. This is where they put all the creative, clever, bloggy people with quirky, gorgeous things to sell. The area, complete with clotheslines, was very cute and much more my thing. There were lots of lovely retro aprons (which were what I tried to make for a friend for her birthday but ended up with something rather large and not quite so chichi. I'm guessing now that she is almost nine months pregnant it probably just fits) and felt cupcakes and fruit and cuteness as far as the eye could see. Even a bunny.I found out from the lovely Jade (her blog is that all the gals in the area had blogs and will be putting the links up asap. She was sewing the binding on a lovely quilt (great colours and simple, not OTT) and there are photos of it and other projects on her blog. Clever.
So I bought some more lovely bits and pieces and tried to absorb all the cleverness and creativity to inspire me on my return to OJ.
And the dinner and the movie? We saw Mamma Mia which was okay. Funny. Everytime the actors burst into song people started giggling (so that was frequently) and it wasn't just because Pierce Brosnan looked like he was trying to pass a kidney stone everytime he sang. Ouch.
And dinner was at a restaurant called Papaya, which had very funky chandeliers and rattan poufs (not good for bare legs) and we ate some lovely food. Moneybags, Duck Salad, Whole Snapper and soft shell crabs. Mmmm.

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