Sunday, 3 August 2008

giant giraffes in glebe

On the Monday after we arrived back in Australia we went to Glebe to
a) pick up our car
b) see the relos
c) so Jack could see his other grandparents (most importantly!).
After catching a number of buses and getting caught in the rain (just like English summertime) we made it to Boyce street. There was a reunion and the cat in residence, obviously experienced in the ways of children, beat a hasty retreat.
Above the door to the kitchen there is an enormous giraffe puppet that Jack was completely and blissfully unaware of. Once he'd spotted it though he gave it a wide berth. I mean look, it is very large. Even Noel looks disturbed by it.Luckily Auntie Ros distracted him with toys and S and his Dad put on a video of Shrek (though they seemed more into it than Jack).
After a lovely dinner we went back to Mosman to get plenty of sleep so we'd be ready for the long drive home.

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