Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Yesterday Jack and I went to playgroup in Junee. It really is a good group. Very organised with a roster each week for who is doing morning tea, stories or craft. I think it's good for Jack to have a play with other kids and have fun. I, however, don't always feel comfortable. It seems to take awhile before the mums and family day care women will have a chat. I was just getting to that stage before we left but I think now I'm back to square one.
Is it true that you can take the girl out of Mosman, but you can't take the Mosman out of the girl? I do feel snobby when I listen to the other women talking about Big W being their favourite store because it has everything they need (really?). And I feel positively waif like compared to the other mums. But then the morning tea yesterday was Scones, which were a big hit. I have been known to make lemonade scones, because it's a bit of a novelty and they do turn out very light. The scones yesterday, however were Solo scones and they did seem to have a distinctive lemon tang. Apparently you don't have to use lemonade, you can use any soft drink, even coke. Who knew?

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