Friday, 22 August 2008


It seems I've done it. I've cracked the indifference that usually greets me at Jack's Playgroup. Did I take along morning tea (no, I did that once before and my blackbottomed cupcakes were too..well too something and S was delighted when I came home with leftovers).
No, I wore a tracksuit. And we're not talking a Juicy Couture one. We're talking grey trackies with a bloop of pumpkin soup on the leg and a droopy bum. If only I'd known I would've worn them a lot sooner.
Jack had a lovely time playing with the toy stoves and cars and babies and causing havoc. He tried to share a chair with a ginger child but she was not happy. I don't think she's very good at sharing because there was a brouhaha about crayons. Absolutely nothing to do with Jack but she was involved. And we did a craft. All of us, even the seven month old baby. Jack particularly liked the glue part and squidging it around with his fingers. I'll post a photo of his creation when I get home.
At the moment I'm at Villa Tuscana in Sydney sans the boys! My first time away from Jack. And in spite of missing Lucky and Jack and S I've been having a lovely time, shopping at Country Road, having a facial. Just don't tell the mums at playgroup. That would be a big backwards step.
Last night I caught up with my friend Soph and went to see Keating! the musical. I mentioned this at the beauticians yesterday and the English girl who did my facial didn't know who Paul Keating was. Another woman who worked there said with a pussy bum mouth, "He's a former Prime minister of Australia and a pig farmer." I guess that's one way to describe him.
The musical was fantastic. I particularly loved the duet between Gareth Evans and Cheryl Kernot (My heart's in peril, Cheryl!) with Gareth in his safari suit and Cheryl in her ravishing red outfit she wore for the women's weekly photo shoot. Hilarious. And the actor playing John Howard (and Bob Hawke) - Terry Serio - did a fantastic job. I loved Howard's costume changes, from suit to Wallabies track suit to army flak jacket to moleskins and akubra. And Alexander Downer's solo. Well that was just freaky.

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