Thursday, 28 January 2010

Biscuit o'clock

Yesterday Jack and I went for a bit of a jaunt down to Albury while S was away. I say jaunt but it's about two hours away, maybe longer if you stop for tarts and ciabatta at the Quinty bakehouse. While there we purchased a new puzzle for Jack (who is quite simply MAD about jigsaws and very good at them) and some new biscuit cutters from the Essential Ingredient. Albury - it's not that far from Wagga but culinarily speaking they are in different worlds. They have a hatted restaurant, cafes, delis where you can purchase fresh pasta, cold rock ice cream*, an Essential Ingredient - you get the idea. And Wagga? it's getting a piano bar. Very ontrend.
Anyway Jack and I conferred and decided on a hand, a lamb, an apple and a frog biscuit cutter. Actually Jack just wanted to touch everything so it was a quick visit. Today we made some dough, cut out the biscuits and prepared to ice them.

I was going to do artistically stylish icing but then that would've deprived Jack of the fun so I relinquished control and we had a much better time. I may have been a tad heavy handed with the colouring. Or maybe it's the flash.

*I am aware that cold rock ice cream is not gourmet but it is fun working out what you can smush into ice cream - I like the choc gelato with cherry ripes.


Amy said...

I have only been to Albury once, for In Design training. I really must go for the Essential Ingredient! Maybe we'll make biscuits today though my collection of cutters is sad(as in I don't have any good ones rather than lots of tear drops or orphaned puppies).

jetlagmama@themanor said...

That is sad (orphaned puppies - are they shaped differently from non orphaned puupy cutters? I think that situation needs to be remedied!