Thursday, 28 January 2010

Scarlett's Birthday

We could make it to Scarlett's birthday this year (again). I was disappointed because it was a pirate princess party (actually I think Craig and Lou were the only pirates). S was disappointed because he missed out on the jumping castle and Jack, well he loves a party. Luckily my Mum was there taking photos and making mental notes for the blog.
It was that really hot day is Sydney (43 degrees) and apparently the aircon broke. Luckily there was the pool and did I mention the jumping castle? The Pirate princess party soon became a pirate princess pool party.

Princess Scarlett
Captain Pugwash (aka Craig)
Princess Chelsea & Landlubber Lou
Lou's Parrot (unfortunately chopped off so it looks like a big yellow grub)
the cake!

the jumping castle (Ganma can't resist)

Ganma & Scarlett on the jumping castle
(she takes her ganma duties very seriously)

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