Monday, 18 January 2010

the kite returns

I was kind of hoping that Jack had forgotten the kite. I'd put it up high in a room with the light off and the door shut, but this boy has a memory that you would not believe. If you say that you will give him ice cream, even if you whisper and you are standing in another room, he will hear you and remind you every ten seconds for hours till you give in.
On Saturday a light went on in his brain and it was a large flashing one that said KITE!
While I was distracted (his usual MO for getting the chocolate out of the locked medicine drawer in the fridge) he got a chair and climbed up, got the kite and then ran into every room with it. The first I knew of it was when I found the string running from room to room and around furniture and the dog.

Today was unseasonably cool and windy - perfect weather for kite flying and so we did. He enjoyed it for ten seconds and then it all came back; the reason for putting the kite away. Not power lines - just that when we try to run to get the kite in the air he thinks we are running away with his kite and not sharing. Problem. Eventually after some tears and some clever thinking by S a compromise was reached and Jack and S both held the string. Success.
And then I put the kite away again.

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Amy said...

I'm impressed that you actually get the kite in the air. That's way more than I've ever managed.

jetlagmama@themanor said...

There's alot of wind out our way.