Friday, 31 July 2009

Andrew Party

It was Andrew's birthday yesterday. Jack had been looking forward to it for ages. Whenever we mentioned Uncle Andrew, Jack would say 'Andrew party! Andrew party!'. We browsed through the Women's Weekly birthday cake book and narrowed down the possibilities. Jack chose, through no prompting by myself, the jacuzzi cake complete with blue jelly water and 2 nude dolls. Very tempting. We ended up choosing a chocolate pinata cake but in the end left off the chocolate pinata dome when I ran out of time (and energy).We had a test run on Tuesday night and Jack and Andrew did well blowing out the candles.
Andrew and Noel turned up yesterday and Jack presented Andrew with his pressies. Earlier he had made the card and paper himself and kept asking when Andrew would be coming over. Andrew seemed thrilled with his pressies and then we had dinner (slow roasted lamb with char grilled pumpkin and zucchini and potatoes cooked in duck fat - call the artery police). Then it was time for the cake. As you can see Jack had already tested it to make sure it was okay. He's getting the hang of this candle blowing thing, but Andrew held his fringe out of the way just in case.

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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe a jacuzzi cake with 2 nude dolls? I must see this thing one day! lol