Saturday, 1 August 2009

Charlie and Lola we love you.....

I wasn't really sure about Charlie and Lola for a while there. Their books were ones that I was aware of but not fussed about. Earlier this year Jack wanted to borrow their DVD from the library so we did but it wasn't a hit. Then we borrowed a book called But excuse me that is my book! (I wrote about it here and it was such a huge hit that we were suddenly very keen on Charlie and Lola.
So once again when Jack wanted to borrow the DVD I said yes (actually I said,"one, only one - no you can't borrow all of these - yes that's right just one - you decide - Charlie and Lola? Okay."
And home we trotted with our library bag. Then a miraculous thing happened. We watched an episode based on the C & L book I will not ever NEVER eat a tomato, where Charlie persuades Lola to eat all sorts of food that she would normally never, EVER eat. Lola, like someone else we know, is very fussy about food but when Charlie describes peas as green drops from Greenland and mashed potato as fluffy clouds Lola happily gobbles them up. Jack was mesmerised and then we went to the supermarket and he asked me to buy peas (hurray!) and corn (huzzah!) and watermelon (calloo callay - though I think we can thank Justine Clark for that one) and he wants to eat them. Asks me for vegetables and devours them by the spoonful. Could the aliens who have stolen my child and replaced him with a pea loving one please make contact!
We love you Charlie and Lola!

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