Sunday, 9 August 2009


Yesterday we had an orgy of face painting at our house. I asked Jack what he would like to do and he replied face painting and funnily enough I'd just bought some so we were good to go. I asked him what he wanted to be and he again replied without hesitation, "Tiger".
So that's what I did.
Then it was my turn. And after S finished mowing the lawn and came inside he got the treatment too. I think mine has a bindi on my forehead and if you look closely my ears have been done too. For me he used all the colours in the pack whereas S got the monochromatic approach.We kept our faces on (well Jack and I did) for a trip over to Mudgeegong and hoped that by the time we arrived that the Swans (ie. the Mudgeegong team of choice besides the RivColl Bushpigs) would be beating the Tigers (Richmond) otherwise Jack might be persona non grata (not likely).
Jack was so taken with his Tiger face (I think it's because of Shere Khan in the Jungle Book) that everything was referred to as Tiger does this or that as in "Tiger Jumps" (trampoline), "Tiger runs", "Tiger farts" (said with relish while he jumped on the trampoline - who says males can't multitask?). Today there are only faint stripes on his face but the 'Tiger' thing continues. Tiger has been to the gym, the shops, a walk, played on the swing and the trampoline and now, understandably, Tiger sleeps.

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