Monday, 10 August 2009


Today Jack and I went to a kid's concert in Wagga put on by the Kapooka Army Band. We've been to a couple of these now, the Sydney Symphony baby proms and one at Cootamundra. I think it's hard for the musicians to find a balance between playing music and having some fun.
The concert today was great, even though Jack had a serious case of the wriggles he told me he enjoyed it. When the compere asked if people like the flute Jack was the only one who said "YES!!!" so loudly that she looked our way.
It was pretty wacky with the members of the band dressing up and running around (I think Superman need to 'ahem' adjust his suit and Darth Vader forgot his helmet and had to go backstage and get it) . The music was good and the kids enjoyed themselves. The finale was the Shrek Swamp Karoke medley and I couldn't resist taking a pic of the costumes. Apologies for the blurry pics but I had to share those Shrek costumes and oversized novelty glasses .

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