Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ganmain family fun day

A couple of weeks ago we took the road near our place and drove to Ganmain via Coolamon and Marrar. If we kept going we would've ended up in Grong Grong and Mattong, but I digress. The reason why we were in Ganmain was that Jack and I were going to a family fun day to raise money for Red Nose Day. We scored a park at the front door (once I located the hall - scenic tour of Ganmain anyone?) and had a look around. There were lots of stalls doing face painting, craft, cupcakes and clothes and then outside they had a corral surrounded by hay bales and filled with mini tractors (Jack immediately clambered aboard the pink one). They also had a big mobile soft play centre with ball pit and slide. Because we were there so early Jack had an extra long play (45 minutes as opposed to the usual 10). Once he was introduced to the delights of the slide (with the help of the operator) he was loving it.
I finally convinced him to let someone else have a turn and we went back inside where he got his face painted and a quick spray of glitter in his hair (he was loving his reflection) and also managed to locate a stall selling health food. No, I lie it was selling cupcakes. After devouring his cake he want back into the ball pit and soon after I noticed his socks were missing (kids have to remove their shoes before playing and once his shoes come off the socks soon follow). When that playtime was over the owner searched the ball pit and slide for the socks but none were found. He did find a sparkly pink headband that a ganmain princess must be missing. After another go on the tractors and a musical debut on the stage it was time to get a sausage sandwich (all for the sake of charity you understand) and head home for a nap. I checked with the people to see if the socks had turned up. Not sure why I couldn't just write them off. The owner said if they found them they could post them too me. Well, I think that's what she said as Jack was pulling on my arm and yelling about something. I let go of his hand and he shot around the back of the playmobile and returned with a big smile on his face, brandishing the socks. Relieved I decided it was time we took our leave.
I forgot to take my camera, so I only have this pic from much later in the day when Jack's face was wearing off.

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