Friday, 31 July 2009


Over the holidays Jack and I frequented lots of parks (or more accurately several parks many times over). On the last day of the holidays we went to the family day care park in Wagga (after a quick tour of the zoo so we could give the donkeys some apples). The Professor and Jack played while I fulfilled my role as official photographer and caterer. This park is always quiet (so please don't tell anyone about it) it has a big fence around it and all the playground equipment is quite low to the ground so helicopter parents like myself can take a load off and relax. That's why it is my favourite park. Luckily Jack thinks it's okay too.
Our other favourite park is in Coolamon. Nothing special about it really, except that it is just around the corner from the library and Ajanta cafe which serves the most delicious cakes, hot chocolates and milkshakes. Some Saturdays we start at the library, follow it with cake then work it off at the park. Jack apparently had fond memories of the cafe because when we pulled up outside (and we hadn't been there for months) he yelled,

The other day at the park my fear of being a helicopter parent was confirmed, as Jack scaled ladders and clambered over chains he said to himself, "Careful Jack." Then he turned to a kid on the slide and told them to be careful too. And here's our morning tea.

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