Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Jack seems to go through phases with animals. I suppose all kids do. At the moment it's rabbits and crocodiles, or in Jackspeak wabbits and crocos. Hopefully not in the same cage. We have a rabbit that mum got Jack for Easter that he has taken a shine too and decided to feed. After we had so much success with persuading him to eat apples because that's what horses eat, I'm trying the same thing with carrots and rabbits. We'll see how that goes.

For the last day of term (because even if your kids aren't at school you still seem to get caught up in that system) our playgroup went to a cafe in Gumly called At the farm. It has a huge sandpit and lots of outdoor space for kids to run around. Let's not talk about the food and how long it took because 40 minutes wait for a warm (defrosted) lamingon and a smoothie that tasted like banana paddlepops is too depressing. And all Jack really wanted to do was look at the rabbits in a hutch and watch me feed them grass and check on their welfare every ten minutes or so. Probably for the best as the sandpit can best be described as a warzone.

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