Sunday, 5 July 2009

excess baggage

When I caught the plane back from Sydney I was worried I'd be done for excess baggage. Not only was I carrying all the accoutrements for my new beauty regime, I also had two loaves of very good bread, a slice of the best cheesecake in the world, a lindt chocolate brownie (for S), fabric, wool, books, my new yoga clothes and some presents for Jack, including one extra specially special present.
Jack has a friend who has lots of toys, a mind blowing number really and Jack and S and I have been amazed by them when we've gone there for a visit. The toy that Jack always coveted was an electric guitar. S and I had ummed and ahhed about getting one for Jack (who already has a fairly substantial amount of stuff himself). When I was in Sydney I weakened and purchased one (red like Murray's) and then Jack heard about it on Skype. Apparently the whole way to the airport to pick me up he was saying, "Mummy...guitar?" over and over.
And so when we got home he got the guitar and S got the brownie (and half the cheesecake) and it was a big hit. He's usually pretty good at sharing but draws the line at the guitar (though we're working on that). And he's still working on his microphone technique (It came with glasses and a plug in mike). Mostly he just likes to wear it when Murray does, then takes it off for his big dance numbers.

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