Tuesday, 2 June 2009


S and I are not really very good with guests. Probably two days max before we start getting twitchy and hope they will leave. And it doesn't matter how low maintenance people are, makes no difference. I think we just like our own space. I guess that's why we're on five acres (and hope for many more).
And so, to the star boarders whose behaviour I have to say has been less than stellar. Man, they are noisy. Actually Tom is noisy with his 200 decibel BAAAAAAAAA! Tiger is too busy trying to mount Tom. How do I break it to him that that's a relationship that is going nowhere. They don't have a pair of jatz crackers between them. Nor do they have a tail. Tom's fell off the other day when he was vigorously wiggling it while having his bottle. Just so you know that I am not making that up here's a pic.When Noel delivered the lambs, he introduced them to their new home, spread out some woolly mattresses, some straw and left some premium oats (for their porridge?). The lambs, however took against the shed (and who can blame them it's falling down and full of all sorts of weird things - a half completed chook tractor, parts of a billiard table, a horse float, some corrugated iron and about 11,783 termites). They much prefer the carport (the lambs not the termites). Anyone venturing out the back door first thing must step very carefully (note to city folk they are not chocolate covered peanuts and are not to be ingested). And it certainly makes backing out of the driveway a challenge (they like to stick very close).And that seems to be the thing that bothers Jack. He's okay with Tom, because he is smaller. If it came down to it I would probably put my money on Jack. But Tiger is bigger and well, as I said he likes mounting things. Though yesterday he butted Jack with his head, three times in the chest.
Let's just say Jack was not impressed. If it came down to a fight between Jack and Tiger, I have no doubt who would win. So at the moment when we go out into the yard I carry Jack everywhere. It's a great upper arm workout but not ideal. Now, where did I put that roasting pan?

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