Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Bella and the professor

A couple of weeks ago Bella came for a visit from Sydney, so Jack and I met her and the Professor in the park. After a brief foray into the toy library where Bella, the Prof and Jack all wanted to borrow everything, we went to the park. Jack was happy playing with the girls but he was keeping a very close eye on the cupcakes that they had brought along with them. The prof has a new(ish) man who is a bit of a demon cupcake maker. Talk about falling on your feet. And the cupcakes he made for us were red velvet cupcakes. Jack tried hinting subtly by saying, "cake?" but when this didn't get the response he was after he tried repeatedly yelling, "CAKE!!!" till we gave in (people were staring) and we all sat down and enjoyed our cupcakes in peace.

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