Monday, 29 June 2009

Princess Time


On Friday morning Jack and I went to story time as per usual. Except that S came too and afterwards I was going to Sydney for some princess time with my parents (leaving the boys to have some special chocolate time).
After the stories and craft (Jack and I made a very beautiful green, cardboard birthday cake) we went to the park and even though I was prepared (with almost a roll of paper towel to wipe down the wet and rather frosty slide) it was a short visit. Normally Jack would protest at leaving the park so soon, but even he saw the wisdom in getting something warm and nourishing to eat. Instead we got him this. He chose the colour.

Full of sugary goodness we went to the airport for my 1pm flight. We ran into Amy and her gorgeous daughter Bethany who had been there since 6am that morning. Their plane was in need of repairs and the engineer who had been flown down at 10am that morning had obviously been scared by the idea of all those angry qantas customers and had turned around and gone back to sydney (without landing). Bethany amused me (all of us really) until my flight was called and apologising profusely I boarded my plane. I think they left almost 2 hours after me.

I called my Dad to let him know about the possible delay (actually only 15 minutes) and I told him about the other poor people waiting. He told me that I was under no circumstances to give my seat to anyone as I had an appointment to keep with Martin for my makeover! I assured him I wouldn't and shamefacedly waving goodbye to the others and the poster of Jack I prepared to board my flight.
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Amy said...

That little girl is such a nut! Welcome back, I have enjoyed the catch up. How do I get my Mum to get me a make over?