Monday, 29 June 2009

Martin's Makeover Magic



The last couple of times I have been to visit my parents my wardrobe was renewed and reinvigorated by Ann (and my Mum). Now it was time to work on my face. In my twenties, when my skin cells were young and plump I used to wear quite a bit of makeup. Not Tammy Faye just a touch of glamour for my glamorous (underpaid) life in publishing. Then I moved to the country, acquired a husband, a house, a dog and a child and just seemed to run out of time to 'put on my face' every day. And I think wearing makeup to playgroup would not be a good move, particularly the boganical one we used to attend where wearing jeans was seen as overdressing. When we visited the city I would go out with a naked face and I could tell this bothered my mum.
When we were organising my princess time she asked me if I wanted a) a makeover and b) a facial and feeling particularly dessicated I said yes to both.
There were potential flight delays but in the end they were only 15 minutes (for myself anyway) and I arrived in time for my appointment with Martin. I collected Mum and we trotted down the street to meet him (because where else would I have a makeover but in Mosman?)I plonked myself on a stool and readied myself for the transformation. Martin was shocked by the state of my face (VERY DRY) as he's probably used to ubermoisturised Mosman faces, dewy with Thalgo or Chanel. I was chastised (a lot) for my dehydrated physog but in the nicest possible way. When he thought my eyes were closed he would turn to my Mum and whisper, "So dry!" and she would nod and try and change the subject. I think it will take awhile for him to get over it. He did ask me at one stage what I was using on my skin and I feigned memory loss. I'm not sure if he bought the act, actually I'm pretty sure that he didn't and he kept asking me questions about where I'd bought this cream that was obviously not up to the job. How could I tell him that it was a jar of Dove and I bought it at Franklins? I'm sure he would've fainted on the spot.
Bravely he soldiered on, stopping to tell me that the foundation was curdling due to my extremely DRY skin, but still he continued. In a whir of brushstrokes I was transformed. He even briefly disappeared to the Chanel counter and came back with nail polish so he could do my nails too.
And then when I was completed we surveyed the pile of products I now needed for my new natural look. It was impressive. I joked with my mum that I hadn't bought any makeup since my wedding 6 years ago. She didn't laugh, or even look surprised just smiled and scooped up all the required items and bought them for me (thanks Mum!).
The next day I noticed she was looking at my hair....
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