Monday, 29 June 2009

Retail Therapy

The next morning I toddled off for my facial (which was super hydrating and very relaxing although a tip for you all - if you are having an eyelash tint, do not talk too much or you will look like panda for 3 weeks). After that I did some shopping, purchasing some treats for Jack and something for myself.
My yoga clothes have long been a source of annoyance. They ride up or fall down or just look dreadful and I know that's shallow but some of the ladies in my class look splendid and I look like I have just rolled out of bed.
So I bravely ventured into a very swish yoga shop and had a poke around. I was preparing to skulk into the change rooms when a very friendly person popped up and introduced herself and the other people working, asked me my name, showed me a cubicle, wrote my name on the outside (in case I fainted? refused to come out? Someone came looking for me?suddenly got amnesia?) and wished me luck. Very nice and a bit freaky. I tried on my selections which were very comfortable and attractive and noticed a big piece of face mask stuck to the side of my head. I removed what I could and prepared myself for purchasing my new ensemble. Again super friendly and a little bit cultish, I managed to buy my outfit whilst answering as many questions as I could.
"Where do you practice?" What? I'm not a doctor I was then informed that I was the proud owner of the prada of yoga clothing. I didn't care as long as my boobs, belly or bum don't pop out while I'm in upwards or downwards dog.

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