Sunday, 28 December 2008

Santa comes early

Santa came early to our place this year. Jack is still nutting out the whole dude in the red suit situation so we thought we could get away with an early delivery if it meant peace and quiet for us.
So Santa very kindly delivered a trampoline (though the crafty old devil did not put it together). We very wisely got one of those trampolines with the sides so Jack can't go flying off. What are the chances of that happening? Pretty high I'd say. And it's a trampoline that holds up to 90kg so as Jack weighs 15kg (c'mon you can do the maths) I can hop on or S or Uncle Andy. And we all have too. Such larks....
And yes, that's what we in the mummy business call a VNL. Similar to the VPL (visible panty line) it's when your nappy pops out over the top of your pants. Hard for it not to when you're bouncing like a demon.

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