Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Oh Carol!

The next day we went to Wagga Library for their Christmas storytime which Sharon did and it was fantastic as always. I had called the previous day to check on the time and had made a comment about Santa only to be told,"We don't do Santa." Apparently they got complaints (not due to Santa's behaviour) but rather due to the Santa Saturation Factor which is very high in the main shopping district of Wagga. Over 4 Santas within 3 blocks. Too many Santas and too confusing for the kids.
Anyway when we went into the library I ran into Carol, who I used to work with at the Library. Carol has a great eye whether it be for fashion, books or piratical rubber duckies. She showed me this which I thought was very funny.
When I left the library to go on maternity leave she gave me a little book she'd made full of the most bizarre names I could possibly want to call my child. It also had this attached as I had a reputation for being a bit of an enthusiastic knitter.

I thought it was hilarious and thank goodness I'm not out of control like that and then six months later I made this outfit for Jack. Knitted the whole damn thing. He thought the booties (they made a noise) were much more interesting.


Amy said...

I do love Carol! I hope Jack wasn't itchy in that knitted number.

jetlagmama@themanor said...

No it was cashmerino dahling...it's softer than the proverbial baby's bottom.