Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Driver Malfunction

Last night we went to my friend Narelle's for NYE. We (S, Uncle Andy and I) thought it would be a pretty early night, but took the portacot along anyway. We also took my new whizzbang-bells-and-whistles- whoopdedoo ice cream machine with built in sprinkle dispenser. It was prepared for its maiden voyage. I'd made the ice cream mixture (do you really have to ask what flavour?), chilled the freezer bowl, filled the sprinkler compartments, bought the ice cream cones and took along the instructions. The only flaw in my cunning plan was to drink several glasses of champagne before I attempted to read the aforementioned instructions and operate the machine. I poured the soon to be ice cream mixture into the machine only to watch in horror as it all started to pour out again. Ack. All down Narelle's lovely white cupboards. Some of the mixture was rescued and it made just enough for the kids that were there. Not sure how it tasted as the adults didn't get to try it but it seemed to be a hit.

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Amy said...

I have that sort of kitchen disaster all the time, but for ice-cream I stick to the old fashioned machine that just churns and doesn't spit out.