Monday, 1 December 2008

Oh Christmas tree

Today Jack and I purchased a Christmas tree. Not one of those lovely, resiny ones but a horrible, plasticky one with a built in fibre optic light show. It is fabulous. Especially now that I've added the Christmas ornaments that Garn gave me. Some are cool, some tacky and some bizarre. Crocheted snowflake anyone? But I think along with tinsel and other tree trimming essentials it looks great. I feel festive already. When I was in retail this was a season I dreaded. That fake smile really got a workout. Now I'm hoping that Jack has a ball. We've already done some craft for presents. I'm sure everyone will be pleased to hear that. And I've got some really kitschy DVDs at the ready. The ones I used to watch when I was little with the weird puppets. Childhood trauma here we come. And we're planning on a photo with Santa any day now (hope he copes better than I did).
And the tree? Well apart from the danger of him destroying it, it's a big hit. Particularly Garn's duck and pig ornaments (you don't see those everyday) which he points at and alternates between saying guck!guck! and oinking. I have told him the tree is just for looking, not touching so he blew on it. Oh yes, the pinging noise (jingle bells!) is Jack's head connecting with the book case. He's fine. Not sure if the duck will survive the season though. And how to achieve the authentic Christmas tree smell? S suggested I cut some branches off the pine trees outside and hide them around the base of the fabulous fake. That was refreshing in itself - I thought he was going to suggest one of those pine tree car deodorisers.

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