Saturday, 6 December 2008

Lamb Aversion Therapy

When it comes to ladders and climbing things Jack is fearless, but when it comes to animals he's more circumspect. Maybe it's a Darwinian thing. He's not sure about sheep. They're okay from a distance, not so good up close. Noel and Diane have a poddy called Tiger that they're raising and Jack patted it on the head last night, which is big progress. Then we all went inside and ate slow roasted lamb.
When it came time for dessert Jack suddenly took off and scooted around the table to Noel and clambered onto his lap. We were all thinking how cute this was till he whipped out Noel's dessert spoon and got stuck into the ice cream punnet which was right in front of Noel. You can't fight that ice cream gene. It comes from both sides of the family.

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