Sunday, 28 December 2008

Early Christmas

I'm a little behind so forgive me while I get things up to date. My sister in law Kate and her hubby Gaz and their little girl Lily came to visit in December for an early Christmas. Many a fine meal was eaten at Mudgeegong and we had a barbie here complete with christmas kebabs. Not on purpose I'm sure but when you put zucchini and red capsicum on a skewer it does look festive. Lots of fun was had by all and Jack and Lily got some early practice at unwrapping presents. Lily took to it like a champion and whilst Jack has been rather circumspect in this department he's beginning to get more enthusiastic. Especially when you unwrap a tricycle with a mummy/daddy stick. Noel put the whole thing together but by that stage Jack (possibly weighed down with potato chips) was not up for a ride. The next day we had a hoon around the perimeter fences and he had a lovely time. I enjoyed it too especially once I convinced him to steer straight so we didn't go in circles and I'd adjusted the pole so it was long enough that I didn't have to stoop over.

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