Friday, 5 December 2008


We've had problems lately with bandicoots and locusts. The locusts are real (and plentiful) but the bandicooting that's going on is to do with the potato plants in the veggie patch. S is very proud of his plants and had a strictly no bandicooting policy but I managed to talk him round. Bandicooting is when you don't wait to harvest all the spuds at once (because let's face it that's going to be alot of potatoes) but you just dig in and take them as you need them. The first time he did this I baked them in the oven and we ate them with sour cream and spring onions (also from the veggie patch), freshly shelled peas (our own) and a nice sirloin. A very satisfying meal, particularly now we're no longer at the Manor and eating potatoes with every meal.
The locusts however are horrible. We don't really have a problem with them eating everything here (they like green food) but they are everywhere and the car ends up covered in locust guts and legs and other bits and always has that barbecued locust aroma. S told me that I'm supposed to drive slowly through a swarm of locusts so I don't damage the car. This came as a surprise to me. I thought it was my civic duty to drive quickly so I killed as many of the suckers as possible. When they first turned up at out place Jack though they were hilarious as he ran through them causing them to fly all over the place pinging off his forehead. We make our own fun in the country.

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