Tuesday, 2 September 2008


I stumbled upon Shelfari a while ago and have finally managed to put it on the blog. It is a bookshelf showing what I'm reading at the moment, though I think if you click on it it will also tell you what I have read since the blog started (the list that used to stretch down beside the posts that was let's face it only going to get longer and longer) and also what I'd like to read...happy birthday to me...A good way for me to remember books that I hear about anyway (it sure beats random scraps of paper - though I have a friend whose husband not only pocketed one of those scraps but somehow kept it for years and then tried to buy the books...sadly all out of print) so now I won't be one of those sad people walking into a bookshop saying,"I'm after a book and it's got a red cover..."

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