Saturday, 13 September 2008

Big Weekend

Down this way this weekend is a biggie. The following are all going on at the moment:
The Wagga Jazz festival,Wagga Antique Fair, growers markets, the big library book sale, the annual Mg Car Rally, the Junee golf club championships and the elections for local government. When it came time to vote yesterday I must say we were at a loss as to who to vote for, particularly as we had to vote for five people. We voted for Lola because she is the mayor and is a woman (though so is Sarah Palin I believe so that logic could be flawed). Also because her name is Lola, and while she's not a showgirl as Barry Manilow suggests, I do believe that she has judged the Miss Junee Showgirl at the Junee Show. But who else to vote for? For once I actually took the how to vote forms from the masses crowded around the entrance to the hall but did that help? Not a whit! Oh well. In the end I voted for a man (who may or may not have only one arm - this is to be confirmed) who said he wanted to be elected so he could practice his public speaking. Fair enough I say. I think the last Mayor of Wagga has similar aims. I would've thought that he could've joined toastmasters or Rotary but S assured me that they are very selective.
And what other delights have Jack and I sampled? On friday I managed to get the last two tickets to see Dorothy the Dinosaur, which is in a theatre near the markets and the library. I wrangled Jack in and out of the bath, made sure he had a nap so he'd be fresh and ready for Dorothy, gathered our belongings and checked the tickets and oh!!! realised that the show was at 12 and not 1pm as I had thought. So we raced into Wagga and somehow got a park near the theatre, and then dashed into the theatre, but no tickets! no purse! what was I to do? The very nice people must've thought I looked honest (or like a woman on the edge) so they let us into the theatre where we saw the second half of the show. And really that was quite sufficient. It was a bit feral in there (yes, as my mother said, different from Edinburgh) with lots of kids screaming and running around. I thought the kid in front of me had an unfortunate haircut but it just turned out to be a set of genuine Wags the Dog ears. Jack didn't seem to notice the audience, he was focused on the stage and keeping an eye out for Wags. I was keeping an eye out for Captain Feathersword but was disappointed that like Santa, he was not able to make it but had sent along a helper also called Captain Feathersword (here's a photo of the imposter dallying with Dorothy). I'm sorry to say that I never got past that, but Jack enjoyed himself. Almost as much as he enjoyed running around the park and the library afterwards. And the markets and book sale? Finished by the time our show finished. And the purse? Under the seat in the car. I've got tickets for Milli, Jack and the Dancing Cat on Tuesday at the same theatre so I'll be double checking the time on those.

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