Monday, 8 September 2008

Alfresco Jack

The weather has been slowly improving. Still cold at night but so warm during the day. Warmer than an english summer. Jack wants to spend as much time as possible outside running around, kicking his ball, chasing magpies with Lucky and generally inspecting the property.
One day he took his horseriding monkey along for the ride (as you do) providing plenty of photo opportunities.The monkey (hoo hoo hoo as Jack would say) was a present from my mum about 8 months ago. She purchased it from a fab cafe in Coolamon called Ajanta (good cakes and great retail therapy opportunities). Jack has just worked out that if you push it along and the wheels turn the monkey bobs up and down. Previously it was used as a weapon and had been relegated to a high shelf till it could be used without danger.

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