Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Dinosaur! Grrrrr!

Jack has taken a shine to Peppa Pig, a British cartoon about a piggy family which is very good in that kids love it but there are jokes for parents as well. How else could we put up with watching it 5000 times? He particularly likes it when George (Peppa's brother) holds up his pet dinosaur and says, "Dinosaur! Grrr!"
You can have a look on youtube though this is a whole episode so you only need to watch a bit to get the idea.

Now whenever Jack sees anything that even remotely resembles a dinosaur he does this fantastic growling noise. I filmed him doing it today while he watched the dinosaur song on youtube. It's a bit dark but you get the idea. I love that he doesn't growl at random but usually in time with the chorus.
The new vid is on the sidebar. I believe it's the one at the top, otherwise you can go to this youtube address http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPm49SnTAsU
Peppa is also the one we blame for encouraging the jumping in muddy puddles (it's Peppa's favourite thing to do).

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