Monday, 29 September 2008

Let sleeping ferrets lie

We're a cynical lot here. We're known for putting people in their place; enthusiastically decapitating those proverbial tall poppies. So you can imagine when I found out that there is a new deli in Junee and it's called the Sleepy Ferret I was delighted and perplexed in equal measures and could not wait to mention it in the blog. I even found out that the owner has a blurb in the local paper and after reading the latest one and not knowing quite what to make of his recipe for duck eggs cooked with whole garlic cloves, blood orange and prosciutto I couldn't wait to, well, give them a savaging all for the sake of a few laughs. I mean why would you call a deli the sleepy ferret?
Then I went into the shop. I was pleased to see they have tarts from the very good Quinty Bakery and also a small selection of organic veg. And some cheesecakes that I feared just looking at would put me into a diabetic coma. Not much else. But the owner was so nice and has such good intentions that I just don't have the heart to be mean. He told me all about his plans (alfresco seating for coffee & tarts) and when I didn't have the right change told me to bring it back another day. I'm thinking that wouldn't happen in the city, but maybe I'm wrong. So it's good that they're having a go. God knows we need a deli, not just in Junee, but Wagga too.
It just seems that around here whenever someone sets up a restaurant or deli, they try really hard but just don't quite get it right. Like the two top restaurants in Wagga. If you're going to be gastronomically ambitious, please get the spelling on the menu right. Burr blanc indeed.
Anyway, back to the Ferret. I asked about the name and he said it comes from a photo of a butcher shop in South Australia from the 1950's. The shop was named after the aforementioned ferret and had a window crammed full of rabbits (how Garn would've hated that) I guess that's why he was sleepy. As the deli is in an old butcher shop that's the connection. Hmmm. Well, it is memorable.
So I'm going back tomorrow to pay my outstanding debt ($5) and buy some Quinty sourdough.
I'm intrigued about their weekly dinner deal. Seven meals (main and dessert) for $70.
S remains reluctant to try it but I'm keen to find out what you get for that small amount of money. I'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

sleeping ferret is a wonderful name for a deli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!