Monday, 8 September 2008


One of the things I've been doing in the last month was making a quilt (cot size) to go in the Ganmain Show. Well, it was the one hundredth show and I thought why not? For those who are wondering Ganmain is not far from here or Coolamon, Grong Grong or Mattong. That should make things clear.

So I cut and pinned and sewed and made a binding and sewed it on by hand (first time) to have it done in time for the Show and my prearranged drop off. I had to do that because I wouldn't actually be able to go to the Show as it clashed with the Craft Fair in Sydney.

So I finished it with not a moment to spare and dropped it off and headed off to Sydney. It didn't win any prizes but I was quite pleased with it. I'll be selling it at the Cootamundra fair with some others (hopefully!). The tally so far is 5 bags and 1 quilt.

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