Monday, 29 September 2008

it's in the can...

As I mentioned the watering can has been a big hit. Actually now that spring has well and truly sprung Jack loves to be outside, and even when he's inside will climb up to look longingly out the window.
He may need to work on his watering can technique. As you can see he carries it pointing down, so by the time he's carried it from the tap to the garden bed all the water has dribbled out, usually onto his shoes, and it's time to refill again. Hours of fun!
The bottom photo was taken after Jack was standing too close to a leak in the hose. He seemed surprised and puzzled by this and didn't move till we told him to, even with the water spraying his face. Still, it made for a cute photo!

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Anonymous said...

Come on Jack you can do it!!! ;-)