Friday, 4 July 2014

The Best Airport in the world

Years ago I had a bad experience or two in Singapore. Lost luggage, explosive food poisoning, dreadful accomodation, but then I went back in 2008 and really liked it. One thing I love is the airport. It's like that epidosde of Kath and Kim where Kath and Kel spend the weekend at the Tullamarine Airport. They emerge with blinding smiles and matching coogi jumpers.
 Because Jack and I were only in Singapore for 7 hours we decided to stay at the airport. We booked into a transit motel, visited the butterfly zoo and cactus garden, had a swim and spa, shopped, had wonton noodle soup for dinner, visited the Koi pond and had a nap. And there were still things we didn't do like find the three storey slide and visit the cinema.
Then it was time to leave. At one in the morning. Jack was hard to wake and I got the giggles as I kept waking him only to turn around and find him slumped back on the bed, fast asleep. Eventually I succeeded and we boarded another plane. Singapore to Milan is a longer flight so I managed to read another book (The Rosie Project) and watch 2 movies, Philomena and The Monument Men and Jack watched the Lego Movie. Again. But it wasn't a great flight and neither of us slept much. If only we'd pulled our blanket completely over our heads like the man next to us. There was a family nearby with 3 x Sams and they had there work cut out for them. Finally we arrived at Malpensa Airport and caught a taxi into Milan. All we had to do was locate where we were staying. How hard could that be?

Note to self: remind S to purchase a manbag

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