Saturday, 5 July 2014


On our second day in Milano we were determined to not get lost and to see the Duomo. We managed both, well we only got a little lost. I've always had what I thought was a good sense of direction that actually wasn't and S just seemed to want to walk in circles or the 2 sides of an isosceles triangle.
We walked through the Galleria Vittoria Emmanuelle, surely the most beautiful shopping mall ever. It seemed that we were too early to purchase anything from Louis Vuitton, Gucci or the Todd shop, though we did admire their range of rainbow coloured loafers.

 Jack also twirled on the bull's testicles for luck. Ahem, a mosaic of a bull where you spin on the spot where his testicles once were. They were definitely there twenty years ago but now there's an indentation  instead.

The Duomo is pretty stunning and its impact was only slightly lessened by us getting scammed. We were pleased to see we weren't the only suckers. We strolled around the piazza and feeling peckish decided to go in search of Via Spadari for a food place my parents had mentioned. It's called Peck and it's apparently an institution. We were somewhat bamboozled by the choice available (over 3000 kinds of parmigiano) and left empty handed. Crazily we darted into Laduree across the road and purchased 4 macarons in the most beautiful presentation box ever. Shops like these should come with a warning for hoarders.Who knows what I was doing purchasing a french delicacy in an Italian city?

 We had a look inside the Duomo and then popped into Benetton to buy Jack some socks and ended up purchasing new shorts and a belt as well. We decided to go back to Peck for lunch as they have a restaurant above the deli. I was concerned it might be snooty but the staff were great fun, the food was delicious and the people watching opportunities numerous. We swapped dog photos with out waiter and had a wonderful time, not to mention great food and wine. We rolled back down the hill to our apartment where Jack could once again enjoy watching his favourite cartoons in Italian and filling in his travel diary.

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