Saturday, 12 July 2014


Apart from that view, our apartment in Florence was what would be referred to in AFL circles as specky. It was on the top floor of a 17th Century Palazzo and was just wonderful. We found all our places on Air BnB and have been pleasantly surprised by all our apartments though this one was probably the best (did I mention the view?). We also had little porthole windows as we were up in the eaves looking across the way into other portholes and down a long way to the street below.
I have to admit that even though Florence was packed with tourists I was sad to leave our apartment and the panini shop and gelateria. We had a dinner with friends for our last night in Florence. I'm not normally a big mushroom fan (as I kept telling everyone) but we has porcini mushrooms that were so good. Or as they say here, "Era Squisito!"

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