Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Hits and Misses

 A friend asked me about memorable meals so far. Apart from eating our bodyweight in gelati and a very good panini (and Peck of course) we'd had some so-so things to eat. We once again made the mistake of settling for a touristy restaurant and I experienced the WTF calzone. It was huge and not very good and I'm just not sure about the proscuitto draped over it. The waiter assured us that one was too small to share, but then he would say that. Blurgh.
Then in Pisa Jack and I found a tiny pizzeria serving pizza al taglio (by the slice) and this delicious properly sized calzone (speck and marscapone). It was simple and delicious because that is something that Italians can do very well.

Today we visited the markets and found beautiful produce and were going to go back for dinner, but we were on the wrong side of town. We walked past a place called Note Di Vino. I had a hunch it would be good and it was so very good. From where we sat we could see the Basilica Santa Croce (where Lucy Honeychurch sees a man get stabbed in Room with a View) but who could look at the church, however stunning when we had this to admire. The mostarda were extraordinary. Pear, Fig and Orange. And then we had more gelati. Between us all we will try every single flavour on offer and Jack seems to have a permanent gelati moustache.

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